White person's eye with a heart shaped pupil

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    This course provides 21 daily practices to awaken your loving spirit toward all your fellow humans. And find your small place in the important work to eliminate Racism.

    It doesn’t matter if you do this for one day, or the rest of your life.  Any effort you spend will enrich your life and enhance your world.  There are 21 practices included in this first level of study.  Years ago somebody proposed, decided or proved (it doesn’t really matter) that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.  But this practice isn’t really supposed to change your habits as much as awaken your dormant habits and help you understand how important they are to molding the world around you.

    In your heart you know you are not racist, yet racism still exists all around you.  Together we’ll learn how that can be, and what you can do about it.  What you can do depends on who you are and where you’ve been, what your life demands of you now and how you can reduce those demands by awakening your spirit. 

    Any real time you take out of your day to give attention to your practice is yours to carve out.  Each day you decide to incorporate a practice, you’ll need about 5 minutes to read the lesson introduction.   And then the rest of the day, you can add your practice to your thoughts while at red lights, during commercials, on the treadmill, during your time on hold, or during your reflection or prayer.  If you are especially moved by a lesson, you may choose to write, start a conversation with your family or find more ways to investigate that discovery.  BUT, this course is truly designed to be an awakening.  There will be days, months and years ahead when you can follow you reawakened heart and head down new roads.  Future courses (this is 101 after all!) will help you craft that piece of your journey if you would like to continue. 

    Your choice to interact with other students is entirely yours.  48 hours after you have begun a practice, you may return to the lesson and report memories,  reflect on events in your life, examine attitudes that may be changing or celebrate new understanding.  This is not a platform for discouraging other students on their journey toward understanding.  We are all at our our own intersection of awareness on this road.  Just because someone is stuck behind an accident a couple of miles back, doesn't mean they won't continue their journey shortly.